Wie funktioniert der Haar Drogen Test?

Because the bloodstream contains nutrients for the production of new hair, scientists can identify the use of drugs of abuse by simply analyzing a hair sample . Using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) method and a variety of mass spectrometry techniques, scientists are measuring the drug molecules embedded in the hair shaft. These methods, which have been approved by several accreditation agencies, completely rule out the chances of external contamination. In fact, that can results of the hair tests not by the use of shampoos or other external contaminants or chemicals to be changed .

Why should you opt for this hair drug test?

Compared to other drug testing methods, it is known that hair samples reveal a much longer period of drug use . The standard window of the Head Hair Detection Test is 90 days , while body hair samples are known for a period of about 12 months. On the other hand, urine analysis (urine test) can only detect most medications within 2 to 3 days of use. After this time the tested person will get a negative result and slide through the screening process. This is important in pre-employment testing as most candidates know that a drug test may be needed and could try to delay or avoid it.

Which drugs are being tested?

The Hair Drugs Screening Test tests for various illegal drugs. An advanced test option is also available for customers who want to test for additional substances. Have a look at the full list of drugs tested and the different test groups available?

Method for taking hair samples

In the Hair Drug Testkit you will find a hair sample bag, a collection foil and a transparent plastic transport bag. The sampling procedure is relatively simple and straightforward. Please note, however, the following information for a successful pickup.

• More than 60 milligrams or 90-120 strands of hair are required
• Take hair from several places around the crown
• Do not use hair if it is shorter than half an inch, in which case use only body hair
• If you take body hair , you must mark on the form of the CoC, that body hairs were collected
• Make sure not to mix hair and body hair

For more information, please refer to the sampling instructions included in the Haardrogen Test Kit.

frequently asked Questions

Is the name of the donor included in the test results?

In the result for the non-legal version of the hair drug test, the name of the donor is not mentioned and it is reported that he has an “anonymous” donor. You should opt for a legal version of the test if you need the donor’s name on the result.

How long after the application can a drug be detected in a hair sample?

It takes about 5 to 10 days from the time of drug use until the hair follicle containing the drug grows above the scalp and can be collected there.

Does the body hair give the same results as the hair?

Body hair is accepted for the test by Hair Drug. However, it represents a more distant time frame than the hair of the head, and the approximate time period can not be identified due to the high variability in growth rates.

Does the hair color affect the results?

The hair color is determined by the amount of melanin in the hair. It has been experimentally proven and found in court that it has no significant impact on the results.

Can hair that has been collected with a brush be used?

Yes, it can be used, but the test is reported as an “anonymous” donor. The laboratory can not assign the sample to a specific person and can not set the time frame of the test, ie the test result is not legally acceptable.

Can external exposure to drugs such as marijuana or crack smoke affect outcomes?

Scientists in the lab wash all hair samples before the confirmatory test to remove possible destruction. To exclude external contamination, they also look for the source substance and the metabolite (by-product) of the drug use. This metabolite is only produced by the body and can not be environmental contaminants.